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Dad Gets Awesome Tattoo To Support His Daughter

A tattoo has gone viral for the best reason ever.

When his daughter, Charlotte, age 6, went in for her second cochlear implant, Alistair Campbell decided to get one tattooed on his head. The reason? He didn’t want his daughter to feel like the odd one out. Campbell, who has no other tattoos, told the NZ Herald that he decided to get the tattoo because he loves his little girl. “I wanted to show her that I could go through a little bit of pain for her too.”

Cochlear implants help people who are very hard of hearing or profoundly deaf detect sounds around them. It differs from a hearing aid, which merely amplifies sound. Instead, a cochlear implant acts like an inner ear, taking in sounds and helping people identify the direction from which those sounds are coming.

Campbell, who shaved his head to get the tattoo, said that his hair will grow back. But he’d be willing to shave it if his daughter wants to see it or at special occasions.

People around the world took to social media, praising Campbell’s dedication to his daughter:

Photo Credit: Dean Purcell, NZ Herald
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