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Jimmy Carter Won’t let Cancer Get in the Way of Teaching Sunday School

Jimmy Carter announced on August 12 he has advanced liver cancer.


Even with advanced liver cancer, former US President Jimmy Carter remains hopeful and committed. He might need to adjust his schedule, but he plans to continue teaching Sunday School at his church.

He has received much support, condolences and prayers from thousands including a statement from President Obama and the First Lady.


He is a man with a full life of faith, trials and resilience. He introduced the term “born-again” into the White House vocabulary. In Redeemer, Randall Balmer wrote, “The culture of corruption surrounding the Nixon administration made Americans receptive to a candidate willing to talk about his faith.”

We can learn much from Carter. In trials and in darkness, can we remain devoted and trusting? Can we give and be joyful even when we’re fighting for life? Because the truth is, we’re all fighting for life.  The fight can be physical like Carter or emotional like the newly single mom or spiritual like the parent, pastor or ministry leader on their knees for their people.

Life is a precious commodity. The enemy likes to steal and destroy it, but Jesus likes to give and redeem it.

What can you to today to embrace, empower and protect life?

“I have one life and one chance to make it count for something… My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference.” ― Jimmy Carter

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