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The Drinkable Book that Could Save Millions

We’ve been talking about clean water for so long. It’s a great need with “750 million people worldwide lacking access to clean water.” It’s a tricky problem to interact with, but Dr. Theresa Dankovich’s The Drinkable Book may be the answer.

Chemist, Dr. Dankovich and a team of students at Carnegie Mellon and the University of Virginia invented “technologically advanced filter paper capable of killing deadly waterborne diseases.”

The video explains it is “paper that purifies drinking water” by reducing 99.9% of the bacteria, which makes it similar to tap water in the US. The Drinkable Book is a “scientific coffee filter that kills diseases.” It only “costs pennies to produce” and is sustainable. Each page “can clean up to 100 liters of water”, which gives someone 30 days of clean water. One book would last someone four years.

“All you need to do is tear out a paper, put it in a simple filter holder and pour water into it from rivers, streams, wells etc and out comes clean water – and dead bacteria as well,” Dr. Dankovich says to BBC news.

Dr. Dankovich has partnered with WaterisLife.com to develop The Drinkable Book. You can learn more here. Right now their team produces these books by hand. Although it’s been tested in 25 countries, some researchers wonder how the paper will hold up against other potential contaminants like non-bacterial infections.

Researcher, Dr. Kyle Doudrick, shared with BBC, “Overall, out of all the technologies that are available – ceramic filters, UV sterilisation and so on – this is a promising one, because it’s cheap, and it’s a catchy idea that people can get hold of and understand.”

The team wants to get The Drinkable Book into many more hands in the developing world. Time will tell, but this is a promising step in the science and technology of getting people clean water.

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