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Brad Lomenick: 3 Leadership Trends Your Church Needs to Know About

Brad Lomenick is a leadership consultant, speaker, founder of BLINC and author of The Catalyst Leader and H3 Leadership and former president of Catalyst. He understands trends and is engaged with top level leaders.

We recently spoke with Lomenick about the major changes in leadership culture and how the church should leverage these trends for greater impact.

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Here are the three leadership trends your church should know about:

1. The Influence of Social Media

“We’ve seen more speeding up in the leadership landscape and systemic change. Change is happening more quickly than ever before partly because of technology. A blogger or somebody on Social Media can have equally as much, if not more, influence today than somebody who has spent 25 years building a foundation and a platform and a voice.

That 23-year-old who’s blogging or on Social Media can have just as much if not more influence as the 25 year run of the 45-year-old.

That’s a game changer

I don’t think it’s good or bad, I think it’s neutral, but it’s the new essence of leadership.

If you’re influencing people, you’re leading them. We have to realize that the game has changed in terms of the channels and the medium through which we have influence on people and culture. The Social Media technology space is obviously a huge one.”

2. Vulnerability in Leadership

“Authenticity and this idea of vulnerability and transparency is a huge part of the new reality of leadership. You know the old days of ‘never let them see you sweat’ and ‘fake it till you make it’ and ‘hide behind the façade’ are gone.

The leaders today who have the most influence are the ones who are the most authentic. The ones who are willing to show up with the real them. Leading from their true self and not afraid of that, but willing to walk in and be transparent and be honest and vulnerable and be authentic with their team and the people around them.”

3. The Rise of the Free Agents

“The stats today are pretty staggering in terms of the number of people who are basically working in a project basis for many organizations. And this is true for 20-somethings even more than it is for older leaders. The average 20-something today is going to have between 14-16 different projects or seasons of careers they walk through over the next 40 years.

Two generations ago, the average person was in one job or one company for 40 years whether they liked it or not, or whether it was the right fit for them. This is a major shift that we’re going to have to deal with as leaders. How do we motivate people who aren’t necessarily on our team? How do we deal with the realities of project mentality?”

Catch the full interview here–with show notes–here!

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Brad Lomenick is Executive Director and key Visionary of Catalyst, a movement of young leaders. Over the last 15 years, he has built a reputation as a key networker and convener of leaders. Prior to running Catalyst, Brad was involved in the growth of the nationally acclaimed Life@Work Magazine and did management consulting with Cornerstone Group. More recently he has served in a number of roles for INJOY and now GiANT Impact. For several years after college, he rode horses for a living on a ranch in Colorado, and was even struck by lightning while installing a barbed wire fence, which some believe has given him powers equal to several of the Super Heroes. He hopes maybe someday he can be a professional golfer, or have his own hunting show.