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Jimmy Kimmel Just Pulled an Epic iPhone Prank and the Results Are Sermon-Worthy

Jimmy Kimmel is known for his snarky man-on-the-street videos about politics, celebrity news and history, but this time he decided to focus on technology.

Here’s the setup: He took the very first iPhone ever released and told people it was the newest model–releasing in just two weeks. Then he asked for a review. The way people responded might tell us more about our society than we care to admit.

In my opinion, this’ll preach. It’s so easy to get caught up and carried away by what our culture calls “cool” that we forget to hold everything up to the truth. Are we teaching our people to stop and think–to clearly hold everything up to the Word of God? Or are they getting carried away too?

Maybe I’m making too much of this, but I think the spiritual discipline of discernment is a lost art–something we need to passionately revive in our churches (and in our culture) today.

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