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The Power of Silence in a Noisy and Violent World

There is great power in silence.

Silence can be a resource used carefully in your favor to give weight to a point.

If you can face a crowd without speaking and wait, that says a lot about your strength as a person.

Sometimes silence speaks very loudly. Watch Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister as he stares down the UN in complete silence for a chilling 45 seconds after rebuking their silence on Iran’s threat to Israel.

“If Iran’s rulers were working to destroy your countries, perhaps you’d be somewhat less enthusiastic about the deal,” Netanyahu said. “If Iran’s terror proxies were firing thousands of rockets at your cities, perhaps you’d be more measured in your praise.”

“And yet the response from every one of you here, utter silence,” he said. “Deafening silence.”

If you choose silence, make sure it’s meaningful silence.

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