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2 Key Takeaways From Our Conversation with Francis Chan and Chip Ingram

Chip Ingram and Francis Chan share powerful insights on sermon prep, growth tips, and how to keep growing as a follower of Christ and as a leader.

Here are two powerful quotes that I can’t stop thinking about.

Chip Ingram

“I think we can preach biblical, accurate, clear, oratory type messages, and God honors his word and gifts, but I don’t think there’s a power unless there is an abiding and an integrity. We’re never going to be perfect, but it’s integrated.

What I am saying and how I live are telling the same story, and even in this message when I’m teaching it, I have been with God, He has spoken to me and as far as I know, I’m putting this into practice. And I think the power comes when that occurs.

I think knowing God precedes speaking for God … the Spirit of God has to work in us before He works through us.”

Francis Chan

“I think what the Lord is teaching me is some of these things are revealed to you early on about My holiness. You don’t move past that and go “I’ve covered the holiness of God.” No, because you have angels day and night who never stop saying “holy, holy.” They didn’t move on to something else.

For me, the temptation is to move on when what God wants me to do is to go deeper in those things I’ve revealed to you in those early days about my holiness.

I’ve got to grow in my understanding of who I am before God and so for me the struggle has been to get back to the holiness of God and dig deeper in that and maybe that is a life message.

Are we living for heaven? Am I speaking right now thinking about eternal consequences to my words? That’s not something you move past.

For me, my growth has been, yes, learn new things, but don’t feel the pressure to move on from the things that are foundational in this book and learn to grow deeper in your reverence for God, your understanding of the brevity of life, understand the grace of God through the cross, dig deeper in those.”

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