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Louie Giglio’s Prayer for YOU—Be Encouraged

If you missed the podcast with Louie Giglio, then you missed his incredibly encouraging prayer for YOU. Be sure to listen to the full episode and take a moment to soak in the profound. We’ve included a transcript of his prayer for your day today. Be encouraged.

Father, we just do come and pause before you in the name of Jesus.

We’ve said it a million times, but just because we’ve repeated it over and over doesn’t diminish its truth one iota today. The name of Jesus is the name that has power and authority to save and to heal and to restore. And so we again, lift up the name of Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of the Living God, the Lord of all.

I lift up every man and woman to you today who is feeling and sensing that the tide is about to take them out to sea – Who is feeling the weight is too heavy, they’ve been shot at, they’ve been criticized from without and they’ve wrestled from within. And maybe the storm of both of those things today – their own personal weakness and the attack of people around them is overwhelming them and taking them down. I pray today, by the power of the name of Jesus, that you would speak into their heart – that you would say their name, that they would know you are there present with them, you understand everything about their circumstance, that you love them relentlessly.

And I just pray over them the four lines of the little song that you gave me in the night in 2008: “Be still there is a healer, His love is deeper than the sea, His mercy is unfailing, His arms a fortress for the weak.”

I pray God that you would just whisper that, speak that and allow them to echo it back to you today. Thank you, God that you are a healer. Thank you that your love is deeper than the sea. Thank you, God that right now your mercy for me is unfailing. Thank you, God that your arms for me right now are a fortress for the weak.

Jesus, we know that when we are weak, we are strong – that your grace is perfect in our weakness, not in our strength. And so I pray that you would give people permission to be honest and real without fear of any repercussion other than that present power that you want to bring to their lives to bring them out of the darkness and into the light.

So we pray against depression. We pray against the spirit of anxiety. We speak against a spirit of despair, of fear, of the fear of man. We pray against the spirit of addiction, and loneliness and performance. We pray against the spirit of the pressure of holding churches together, of pleasing all the people, of being accepted and loved and approved by everybody, of comparison.

God, we pray against a spirit of Instagram – of every leader today that’s looking at a feed on their phone and wondering why they’re not doing it as good as the next person or don’t have as big of voice as the other church, don’t have as good of an idea as the other person when they’re barely surviving today. So we pray against the spirit of comparison.

We pray that you would remind every man and every woman listening to this podcast today that they belong to you – that God almighty is in the midst. Remind them that you’ve raised them up in Christ from death to life. You appointed them for a mission in your story and that you’ve given them something to steward – it might be one, it might be two, it might be five, it might be five thousand, but you have given us, all of us, something to steward today. And you’ve given us the grace by the Holy Spirit to steward what you’ve given us to steward. So let us lay down what you haven’t given us to steward. Let us trust you today for breath and life again.

God will you please bring me to that place again today where I know, and bring each of us who want to get there to that place, where we know it really is about walking with Jesus. It really is about walking in a relationship with you today. It is not about accolades, it is not about affirmation, it is not about building ministries, it is not about building buildings. It is not about people knowing who we are, it is about walking with you Jesus. It’s about humbly walking with our God, and then you doing all the rest.

So I pray that you would release us and free us from everything the enemy is trying to strangle us with today. Give us the courage, the boldness to run after you and to carry you to this world. And that’s my prayer and hope for my life today and for the life of every leader listening today.

Let it be so for your glory. In Jesus name, Amen.


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