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Timberlake and Stapleton Stole the Show – Here’s What I Learned About Leadership from the CMA’s

I’m not a country fan, but I loved what happened at the CMA’s last night. Justin Timberlake and Chris Stapleton hit the stage together, and preceded to rock out and capture every heart watching and listening.

I know their duet is all about whiskey, so hang in there with me. Here are three things we can learn from this fantastic 8-minute number about church leadership (for real).

Stay True to Your Roots

Memphis soul and country met, and we liked it. Be you – fully you, always. Don’t hold back. Lean in and be your urban, country, comedic, artistic, scholarly, philosopher, preaching, teaching, or entertaining self.

We’re Better Together

Chris Stapleton is great (he has three awards to prove it) and Justin Timberlake is fantastic, but together there was musical magic. Who can you partner with, raise up and celebrate with? Having a strong team and collaborative partnerships doesn’t diminish your strength or pizzazz, it multiplies it!

Have Fun

Timberlake’s energy is contagious. Together, their enthusiasm and presence pulled everyone in to fully enjoy the moment. Have fun in ministry, service, teaching, leading – whatever it is you’re doing. Do it fully and with excellence for the Father’s glory and enjoy it. God gave you gifts, talents and abilities to steward well – I think fun is part of that.

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