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NFL Player: We Pray for Paris, Yet We Suspend a Coach for Prayer?

Benjamin Watson, tight end for the New Orleans Saints, recently voiced a concern on Social Media many might agree with.

After the tragic attack in Paris, #PrayforParis was trending world-wide as the number one hashtag over the weekend as people poured their love, thoughts, and prayers out for Paris.

This is good, for sure, but Watson pointed out the underlying irony in a recent tweet:

Watson is referring to high school football coach Joe Kennedy who was suspended for praying after games.

Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and terminal illness apparently all warrant unified public prayer. But somehow pointing to God after a touchdown or praying with your team warrants a swift kick out of the game, or out of a job.

If we truly believe that our God is mighty enough to save the tragedy of Paris, how much more should he be the object of praise for every good thing and the source of prayer for every need—not just the ones we think we can’t handle…

*Watson’s comment was shared 1,700 times on Twitter and over 45,000 times on Facebook.

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