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Archaeologists Discover Seal of Biblical King Hezekiah

“Israeli archaeologists have discovered a mark from the seal of biblical King Hezekiah, who helped build Jerusalem into an ancient metropolis,” Religion News reported.

Hezekiah was a prominent king of Judah around 700 BC and is in the genealogy of Jesus (Matthew 1).

He trusted in the Lord, the God of Israel, so that there was none like him among all the kings of Judah after him, nor among those who were before him. (2 Kings 18:5)


The tiny 1-centimeter piece of clay with a circular inscription known as a bulla, may have been crafted by Hezekiah himself used to seal a papyrus scroll.

The bulla was discovered by the Hebrew University team “at a dig at the foot of the southern part of the wall that surrounds Jerusalem’s Old City, an area rich in relics from the period of the first of two ancient Jewish temples,” wrote Religion News.


Interestingly, the bulla was found five years ago, but was put in storage with 33 other bullas. After a closer inspection by a team member, the inscription and its meaning became clear: “Belonging to Hezekiah (son of) Ahaz king of Judah.”

The “artifact is decorated with Egyptian-style motifs — a winged sun disk and an ankh, symbol of life,” reported Times of Israel.

Excavation leader Dr. Eilat Mazar said, “The Egyptian motifs were spread over the second millennium BCE all over the region,” so they had a different meaning than for the Egyptians.

The Times of Israel continued, “Ancient Judeans employed the sun disk to denote the Almighty, and its bowed wings may connote Hezekiah’s expression that ‘my power is thanks to God’s protection.’”

Mazar said the artifact is “the closest as ever that we can get to something that was most likely held by King Hezekiah himself.” This find “strengthens what we know already from the Bible about [Hezekiah],” she shared.

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