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This Pastor Called a Pizza Delivery Guy on Stage and What Happened Next Is Powerful

Christians don’t tip well–it’s a common phrase, right? Well, this church is about to smash that stereotype with a velvet hammer. Here’s what went down.

Jeff Lois is a pizza delivery guy and he’s been struggling in life lately–trying to stay clean.


Recently, a church made a special request for an early delivery. When Jeff arrived with the pizzas the people who met him in the church parking lot had a strange request. They asked him to take one of the pizzas and deliver it on stage, directly to the pastor. This threw Jeff and sounded weird, but he went with it.


When Jeff made it on stage the pastor presented him with a $700 tip.


When Jeff got back to his car he shared the powerful personal experience through tears. God’s grace is amazing and this small act of kindness is going a long way in Jeff’s life–as a powerful reminder of God’s grace.

Has your church done something like this? Share it in the comment section below.

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