Danielle Strickland: “I Never Knew Evangelism Would Happen Like This”

Danielle Strickland tells the story of her visit to a brothel, which led to the most unlikely evangelism moment and an even more surprising sermon illustration.

“The part I need to tell you about that’s a really great sermon illustration is not just the part where Jesus gets into the boat, but it’s the part where we got into the water. It’s the part where we decided to row anyway.”

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Esther Laurie
Esther Laurie is a staff writer at ChurchLeaders.com. Her background is in communication and church ministry. She believes in the power of the written word and the beauty of transformation and empowering others. When she’s not working, she loves running, exploring new places and time with friends and family. It’s her goal to work the word ‘whimsy’ into most conversations.