Mark Driscoll Launching New Church in Phoenix

Mark Driscoll, the former senior pastor of Mars Hill Church, has filed incorporation papers to start a new church in Phoenix, Arizona. The new church will be called, “The Trinity Church in Arizona.”

Fourteen months ago, Driscoll resigned from his leadership of Mars Hill Church, a church he planted in 1996 out of his living room. A few month after he resigned, Mars Hill Church ceased to exist.

Driscoll, alongside two other directors are describing the new church as a “Bible-based Christian church.”

This plan seems to have been in the works for months. In July, Driscoll announced he was moving his family to Phoenix for a “new adventure.” Driscoll has said publicly that he still has the desire and the call to plant another local church.

On Nov. 30, 2015, Driscoll and a small team of leaders incorporated, “The Trinity Church in Arizona.”

Mark Driscoll remains a controversial figure in evangelicalism. He spoke to Gold Creek Community Church earlier this year, “I would like to talk talk about Jesus instead of me: It would be much more pleasant and helpful.” He received a standing ovation.

Mark and his wife Grace sat down with Brian Houston this past summer and answered questions about how they are processing what happened at Mars Hill Church.

Since leaving Mars Hill Church, Driscoll has started a new website,, where visitors can download past sermons. One of the first things visitors to the site see is, “It’s all about Jesus!” Driscoll continues to speak at large evangelical conferences.



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