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Bear Grylls Just Gave a 10-Second Leadership Lesson That’s So Easy to Forget

Bear Grylls is known for his expertise in outdoor survival, his passion for nature and his willingness to eat some of the most disgusting things on the planet—can you say rhino beetle and rotten camel flesh?


But Grylls is also known for his childlike faith in God.

In an interview with RELEVANT magazine he said, “I had a very natural faith as a kid. As a really young kid, I never questioned God. I just knew God existed and it felt like He was my friend.”

Grylls has gone through his ups and downs like the rest of us, but his faith is still at the forefront. “It’s been a kinda wiggly, messy journey that is still continuing,” he says.


Grylls prefers to keep faith simple.

“I remember having one moment when some really good friends turned their back on me in a really nasty way,” Grylls says. “And I remember praying a simple prayer up a tree one evening and saying, ‘God, if you’re like I knew you as a kid, would you be that friend again?’ And it was no more complicated than that. And actually the amazing thing is that all God asks is that we sort of open the door and He’ll do the rest.”

“So often we kinda hide behind our yearning for love and acceptance with loads of complicated theological questions, and actually once that’s stripped away what we really are is just somebody who wants to have that relationship with your Father.


In an interview on CBN’s 700 Club, Grylls said, “The journey’s been that faith has been the wildest ride. And Jesus, the heart of the Christian faith is the wildest, most radical guy you’d ever come across. He was always hanging around with the prostitutes and the tax collectors and having parties and banquets…

…and I found myself drawn to that character, not the kind of fluff that we like to box as religion.”

That’s why it’s no surprise to see him put his faith into action and request permission to pray with President Obama in a special episode of ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls.’

“Here’s a man who really has the weight of the world on his shoulders and everyone’s always taking from him…” Grylls said.


“And I wanted just for ten seconds to pray for him and for protection over the incredible stuff he’s doing.”


No matter how you feel about President Obama (and I’m guessing he’s not on many “nice” lists this Christmas), this is a powerful reminder to humble ourselves and pray for our leaders–even if it’s only 10 seconds.

Watch the full clip below.

Side note: President Obama didn’t eat a rhino beetle, but he did go on to eat salmon leftover by bears.


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