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Pastor Rick Warren Interviews Winner of The Voice Jordan Smith

Winner of The Voice, Season 9, Jordan Smith shared about his relationship with Jesus and his remarkable success with his performance of “Great is Thy Faithfulness” and how he overcame fears of inadequacy on the show.

Rick Warren asked, “How has God been faithful to you?”

Smith answered, “Well, how has He not been faithful to me? He’s done so much for me. He’s healed members of my family, He’s healed me, He’s given me so much. But, the greatest thing I think I’ve ever received from God, I know, is my salvation. And, if He never did another single thing for me in my entire life, then that’s absolutely enough. Everything else is just an added bonus.”

“I told the Lord a long time ago that I never wanted to use His name to promote my position, but I always wanted to use my position to promote His name and do whatever I could to make His name famous,” Smith continued. “And He’s been so faithful to give me those positions and give me those platforms to promote Him, and that’s just one way that He’s been faithful to me.”

Smith auditioned for The Voice two years ago and didn’t make it on the show. He shared what happened when he pushed through the feelings of inadequacy and fears of disappointment.

“I had to accept I’m not good enough in my own strength and in my own flesh. I’m not enough. None of us are. But where I end is where God begins. And He will take everything that’s out of our control and He will do His part as long as we do what we can do with what’s in our control. So, I just had to do that every week.”

Watch the full interview here – it is powerful!

Pastor Rick Interviews Jordan Smith, winner of The VoiceeYou’ve been asking to see it again so here it is, the Jordan Smith interview with Pastor Rick.

Posted by Saddleback Church on Monday, January 4, 2016

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