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Pastor Rick Warren Joins Marco Rubio’s Advisory Board

Pastor Rick Warren, founder of Saddleback Church, has agreed to serve on an advisory board for the presidential campaign of GOP Sen. Marco Rubio.

The purpose of the board is to advise Rubio and his team on religious liberty issues. Warren will use his faith expertise to advise the Florida Senator on “domestic and international religious liberty.”

The Orange County Register wrote, “Participation on the board does not amount to an endorsement of Rubio. The pastor said it is public knowledge he has never endorsed a political candidate and doesn’t intend to.”

Warren shared, “It is not my job as a pastor to endorse candidates. But I do offer private counsel and perspective to any candidate who asks for it. I have done this with many candidates in the past. In this election cycle, I know most of the candidates on both sides who are running for president, and many have been friends for years, but they all know that I never endorse.”

Warren believes in religious freedom and said, “This issue is more significant and has far greater implications for America’s future. People have forgotten that America was founded by people who came here to escape religious persecution. Freedom of religion is the first freedom mentioned in the Bill of Rights – before freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assemble and every other freedom.”

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