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Bombs and Gunfire in Indonesia’s Capital—Police Investigate ISIS Claim

Thursday morning there were a series of six explosions and gun attacks in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta killing seven people. The five attackers are confirmed dead and a Canadian and an Indonesian were killed. 19 people were injured including five policemen and one Dutch man who was critically injured.

Similar to the recent Paris attacks, several locations in Indonesia were attacked at the same time. The attacks occurred in a busy commercial shopping center near international hotels, foreign embassies and the United Nations offices. The details are still unclear, but it seems a suicide bomber blew himself up either inside or outside a local Starbucks. It is believed they were targeting foreigners or Westerners, but the motive is unknown.


A 15 minute street gun battle ensued with one news report calling the attackers “fairly amateurish”. If not for the police team’s quick response, and the clumsiness of the attackers, the attack could have been worse. The attackers used “improvised hand grenades, and one other bomb slightly larger than a biscuit tin.”

Indonesia, the predominantly Muslim country, has experienced Islamist attacks in the past and their government was expecting another attack, but unfortunately, they didn’t know when or where.


BBC news wrote, “Indonesia has been attacked by Islamist militant groups in the past and was on high alert over the new year period after threats from the so-called Islamic State (IS).”

Indonesian President Joko Widodo said, “We all are grieving for the fallen victims of this incident, but we also condemn the act that has disturbed the security and peace and spread terror among our people.”

And sadly, this may not be the last attack in Indonesia as “Up to 200 Indonesians are estimated to have gone to Syria to fight with IS,” according to BBC. Considering the recent attacks around the world in the last few months, we may be seeing weekly or daily terror attacks in our world.

Join us in praying for peace.

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