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Fatal Attack on Pakistan University in Charsadda Near Peshawar

Heavily armed gunmen raided and attacked Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, Pakistan. In the gun and bomb attack, 19 people including the suspected attackers were killed and 17 people were injured. The attackers are believed to be Pakistani Taliban, but the group’s spokesman has denied this and condemned the attack.

The university was celebrating the 28th anniversary of their founder, so many guests were gathered together along with students when the attackers came under cover of heavy fog. Fortunately, the event had not yet begun, so only a few of the hundreds of expected visitors and a few of the 3,000 enrolled students were at the university when the attack occurred.


CNN reported, “The attackers threw grenades, pushed their way onto campus and opened fire.”

One student saw his chemistry professor shot and killed while telling students to stay inside for safety.

Another student shared, “The attackers were like us — they were very young. They carried AK-47 guns. They wore jackets like the forces do.”

Army soldiers quickly responded, entered the campus, and combed the perimeter. A three-hour gun battle ensured until the gunmen were eliminated and the property was secured. Ambulances and rescuers rushed to the scene to help injured people.


CNN added, “Some of them held on to others for support. Some cried openly. Nearby, groups of men carried caskets through the crowd, and ambulance workers rushed back to their vehicles with the injured on their gurneys.”

Join us in praying for Pakistan.

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