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Pro-Life Legislation in 2016 Will Focus on Unborn Babies’ Suffering

The year 2015 was a year of movement for pro-lifers. Organizations like The National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and Americans United for Life (AUL) hope this momentum will continue, and bring a pro-life president into office next year.

World Mag shared two big wins for pro-lifers, “According to AUL’s 2015 legislative session report, 48 states introduced about 315 measures related to abortion, a 17 percent increase over 2014. And state lawmakers enacted 30 of those measures, which included 20-week abortion bans, abortion facility regulations, chemical abortion regulations, and admitting privilege requirements.”

There is still much work to do, but many states have passed “legislation prohibiting some dismemberment abortions and for strengthening its informed consent laws.” Pro-lifers will continue to fight for the life of unborn babies, as well as the well-being of mothers.

“Though abortions have declined overall, the rate of chemical abortions is increasing. About 20 percent of all abortions are chemical abortions, the highest percentage since the government legalized the abortifacient RU-486 in 2000, according to the CDC.”

The legislation banning 20-week abortions “failed at the federal level,” but many states have already “introduced legislation to ban dismemberment abortions,” and there should be more states to follow. NRLC hopes to shift the focus to the unborn baby’s suffering “by promoting legislation focused on the child.”

AUL president Charmaine Yoest said, “The momentum for creating a culture that respects life in the law increases each year. This is a historic time for life. More life-affirming and protective state laws have been enacted since 2010 than in any similar period since Roe v. Wade.”

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