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Greg Laurie’s Harvest America Coming Soon!

Greg Laurie encourages everyone to serve and do their part in Harvest America. He gives the example in Nehemiah where the people worked on the section of the wall nearest to their home because the work and mission was personal.

From the website:
“Harvest America is an annual live nationwide event, streamed to thousands of host locations including churches, theaters, and living rooms. Harvest America is more than just a webcast, it is the body of Christ banding together to proclaim the gospel live across the nation. The next Harvest America will be held on March 6, 2016, at 5:30 PM Central Time, streamed live from AT&T Stadium in Texas.

The goal of Harvest America is to impact a nation desperately in need of hope. The event features top Christian artists and a clear gospel message by Greg Laurie.”

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