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Safe in Canada, Syrian Children Experience Snow for the First Time

Here is a little video to make you smile this Friday. Watch a group of Syrian refugee kids sledding and playing in the snow for the first time!

These kids now live in Canada with their families after making the dangerous trek from their war-torn home. They are “part of a group of about 14 local residents who are sponsoring a mother and her three children by helping them adjust to life in Canada after fleeing the conflict in Syria.”

The community has welcomed these families in, and Officer McNab took time to play with his kids and the family he is helping sponsor.

McNab said, “Tobogganing is a right of passage in Canada. In Canada we grow up on snow, so I was wondering how they would react to it, and sure enough it was every bit as exciting as I hoped it would be.”

After years without education or medical care, the children are in school, the family is taking language classes and they have been brought into community.

“Each day you can see their progress. They’ve come a long way in a short time,” McNab said.

“My daughter put it so clearly,” he added. “She said they are so much like us, and we need to focus on what makes us the same instead of what makes us different. I know people have mixed feelings, and they can be afraid because it’s the unknown. But the more we get to know these people, the more the community gets to know them, the more that’s just fading away.”

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