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Could Wheaton Professor’s “Same God” Comment “Undo” the College?

Chaos continues for Wheaton College and tenured professor Larycia Hawkins. If you missed it earlier, Hawkins made a commitment to wear a hijab during Advent season to stand in solidarity with her Muslim brothers and sisters who were being persecuted. Wheaton didn’t mind this, but they had a problem with her comment that Islam and Christianity served the same God.

Wheaton expressed concern she was no longer aligned with their theology and statement of faith, so they placed the professor on administration leave until further investigation could be completed. Shortly after that, conversations about her termination became center stage, as she was unwilling to explain her statements to the college.

Hawkins later clarified, “If people want to extrapolate that I’m affirming Islamic theology, they can extrapolate that. But I’m saying I view this as a non-controversial statement. What I’m saying is that Jews’, Christians’ and Muslims’ object of affection and devotion is the God of Abraham.”

Wheaton alumni threatened to withdraw their financial support if Hawkins was fired, and many students participated in silent protests to show their alliance to Hawkins. There are students and professors on both sides of the issue, but now the concern has escalated and “threatens to undo” Wheaton College.

The Washington Post stated, “The college faces a conundrum. If it fires Hawkins, it will upset many who feel the college is unnecessarily narrowing its boundaries. If the college reinstates Hawkins, it risks backlash from those who feel that boundaries should be outlined and protected.”

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