Andy Stanley to Older Christians Worried About the Election: “Stop Scaring the Kids!”

A recent sermon by Andy Stanley, Pastor of North Point Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, is making the rounds for a pretty powerful reason. In it, he calls out adults in the church who are fixing their faith on a political system and NOT on Jesus.

“All of you who are 45 and older, look up here,” Stanley says, “Many of you have grown weary and lost heart and the reason is–you have fixed your eyes on a political system… and you are growing weary and you need to knock it off and I’ll tell you why… because you are scaring the children!”

Stanley went on to encourage adults in the church to show the younger generation how to have a powerful faith in God, “You need to model for the next generation that God is in control, God can be trusted.”

He also said it’s good to get involved in politics, culture and society, but never fix your eyes there, instead, “Fix your eyes on Jesus.”

The clip above is from Part 2 of the “Tough as Nails” sermon series. You can watch the entire sermon on the North Point website, here.

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Brian Orme
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