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10 TED Talks that Will Strengthen Your Relationships

In no particular order, we bring you ten fascinating, creative and encouraging TED talks to strengthen your relationships . The topics may seem random, but we feel they touch on applicable and relevant issues in our world that need to be openly addressed with love and humor.

1. The Key to Success? Grit

Every wonder what separates those who succeed versus those who struggle? Take a look at a crucial characteristic we all should start strengthening and developing today for our health and for the benefit of our families, passion and well-being.

2. Why We All Need to Practice Emotional First Aid

We are quick to take a sick day and take care of our physical health, but are we kind to ourselves (and others) when we’re emotionally in pain? Self-care is an important part of relationships.

3. Why Some of Us Don’t Have One True Calling

Do you or a loved one have a hard time choosing what you want to do? This talk opens up a brand new conversation for those who have multiple passions.

4. Why Gender Equality is Good for Everyone – Men Included

This is a funny and engaging talk on why gender equality is an issue for everyone to be discussing.

5. How to Find Work You Love

We all want to find meaningful work we love and help others do what they enjoy, right? This is a great story about doing just that.

6. How to Manage for Collective Creativity

Would you like to unlock the creativity hidden within your work, your team and your family?

7. Everyone Around You Has a Story the World Needs to Hear

Your story matters, your children’s’ stories matter, and your teammates stories matter. When we move through live not jus knowing everyone has a story, but actively seeking out others’ stories our world and our hearts expand.

8. What Adults Can Learn from Kids

Sometimes it’s the wild and “childish” dreaming and thinking kids do so well that the rest of us needs.

9. I Am the Son of a Terrorist. Here’s How I Chose Peace

This incredible story will challenge your mindset and open up conversations for peace and friendship in unlikely places.

10. Why Giving Away Our Wealth Has Been the Most Satisfying Thing We’ve Done

Husband and wife partners, Bill and Melinda Gates, share about working together to lead their nonprofit and their joy in giving. This is a great talk for couples who work or serve together.

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