Dr. Robert Jeffress Goes Head-to-Head with a Gay Pastor on Homosexuality

As a ministry leader, you’ve probably heard the argument that compares the homosexual movement to that of slavery.

This argument is often used to point to the fact that slavery is in the Bible and we abolished that–well, the same should go for our tolerance of homosexuality.

The only problem? The Bible speaks of slavery but doesn’t condone it or encourage the practice, and it does boldly speak out (in both the Old and NewTestaments) against the practice of same-sex relationships.

In this short debate, Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Dallas, discusses the issues of homosexuality, tolerance and slavery with gay pastor, Neil Cazares-Thomas, from the Cathedral of Hope.

In it, Dr. Jeffress systematically unpacks the importance of adhering to God’s unchanging word in the face of cultural bias–specifically when it comes to same-sex relationships.

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Brian Orme
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