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Texas High Court Says Cheerleaders Can Keep Their Biblical Banners

High school cheerleaders in Kountze, Texas painted a run-through for the football team with a Bible verse to encourage players at their public school, but they got in big trouble and have been fighting for their religious rights.

In 2012, the Freedom from Religion Foundation demanded the cheerleaders “stop displaying religious-themed banners.” At first the school district banned the Bible verses on banners, but parents of some cheerleaders pushed back saying because the cheer squad was, “a private organization” and “they have “a right to include Bible verses,” wrote Christian Post.

In response, the school district changed their policy to allow for “Christian-themed banners.” In May 2013, a state district judge “ignored the request or dismissal and sided with the parents saying the cheerleaders’ banners were constitutionally permissible.”

It would seem the story might have ended there, but “in May 2014, a three-judge panel of the Court of Appeals for the Ninth District said both the appeal and Thomas’ ruling were moot since the school district changed its policy regarding the banners.”

Once again, the cheerleaders appealed the decision and were quickly granted the freedom they sought in August 2014.

Liberty Institute in Plano stated, it was “an 8-0 victory for the free speech and religious liberty rights of all Texas students.”

They added, “In light of today’s Supreme Court ruling, we hope the court of appeals will resolve this case permanently in the cheerleaders’ favor.”

See the video featuring cheerleader Ashton Lawrence that first captured hearts:

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