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What Andy Stanley Just Said About Small Churches Is Breaking the Internet. Here’s Why.

In this trending sermon clip from last week, Andy Stanley, Pastor of North Point Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, mades some very surprising comments about big and small churches.

In a nutshell, Stanley calls parents who attend small churches (around 200) selfish. Why? Because their kids need to be in a church big enough to split up middle and high school and attend community groups–so they don’t grow up to hate the church.

The reaction on the Internet has been pretty one-sided–with pastors, parents and leaders calling Andy out for his reckless comments about small churches.

“When we begin to make moral judgments based on what size a church is, we’ve gone off the rails.” – David Fairchild

Andy Stanley has some great things to say. This is not one of them.” – Jeremiah Carlson

“I seldom find myself disagreeing with Andy Stanley, but on this point I could not disagree more.” – Dwight Watson

Watch the clip and share your thoughts on big vs. small churches. Is there any legitimacy to this viewpoint?

Update: Andy Stanley recently apologized on Twitter.

I’ve always valued Andy Stanley‘s ministry and I think his willingness to apologize publicly is definitely a lesson to leaders on humility.

If I’m honest, it’s still hard to get past the articulate passion he put into his original message. It would be great if Andy was more focused on encouraging and advocating for small churches, in my opinion. However, I think we all say some crazy things from time to time and that shouldn’t kill our credibility. So, for me, I’m choosing to give Andy a pass on this one.

I hope you’ll do the same.

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