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An Open Letter to the Suicide Bomber Who Hasn’t Pulled the Trigger Yet

To the would-be suicide bomber:

Terrorism through suicide is on the rise. More and more of you are training to give your lives to death and destruction. ?Sadly, we’re learning to not be surprised by these horrible crimes. More and more of you are counting your lives as cheap and believing a string of soul-destroying lies.

As one who believes the truth, I’m saddened so many are putting their trust in such a costly deception.

God’s word is crystal clear that you have believed in a lie. You believe that by killing yourself and others, you will enter into a comfortable, pleasant eternity, but the truth is the exact opposite.

The moment you press that trigger you’ve enjoyed all the comfort you ever will. You will have thrust yourself into the raging sea of God’s wrath toward sin. The very act seals your eternal destruction—an eternity void of all comfort, pleasure, and rest. You will not wake up in paradise, but away from God in hell.

You may wince at the pain of the blast, but you should be much more troubled to stand before the judgment seat of Jesus Christ. You would do better to fear him and fear hearing his words, “Depart from me. I never knew you” (Matthew 7:23). The Bible teaches murderers who die in their sins will be sentenced to eternal punishment (Revelation 21:8). Unquenchable fire, torment, outer darkness, and punishment are all descriptions Jesus said await all those who commit such sins.

In short, the pain of the bomb is just a doorway to your eternal pain. There are no second chances. Hell has no exits. You have made a terrible mistake and believed a terrible lie.

It’s time someone told you the truth.

The truth is that regardless of what you’ve done in the past, you are not beyond the grace of God. As long as there is breath in your lungs, you can turn to him and put your faith in him. Jesus died on the cross and endured the wrath of God in the place of sinners like you and me. Even now, you can confess your sins and place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, and escape the terrible everlasting punishment I’ve just described.

Those of us in Christ appeal to you to turn your life over to our Lord and Savior. Turn from your violence. Turn from the lies. And explore the good news of Jesus Christ. You will be eternally grateful you did. The truth is Jesus was born to die for sinners like you and me. Jesus said, “Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment but has passed from death to life” (John 5:24). Our Lord is patient “not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance” (2 Peter 3:9).

I appeal to you to see the lies that undergird your terrorism. These lies will only lead to the destruction of your body and your soul forever. It’s a sobering thought that compels my appeal.

My brothers, sisters and I love you with the same love Christ has loved us. We are not better than you. We are beggars who have found the bread of life and want you to know there is plenty for you as well. We mourn over your terrorism, but also mourn over the eternal destruction your soul.

We appeal to you, look to Christ and cry out to him. Turn from your sins and put your trust in Jesus. He always receives those who turn to him in truth and love. It wouldn’t be the first time Christ forgave a would-be terrorist (Acts 9:1-9).

Our prayers are with you while there is still time.

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Andrew Hess is the director of content at the White Horse Inn and editor of corechristianity.com. He formerly served as the editor of churchleaders.com. His writing has been featured on The Gospel Coalition and Focus on the Family. He lives in San Diego with his wife Jen and they recently welcomed their first child. Connect with Andrew on Twitter @AndrewWHess.