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Watch Morgan Freeman’s ‘The Story of God’ Trailer

Morgan Freeman has a lot of questions about God. And it turns out he’s not alone.

In the following trailer, Freeman says, “We all ask ourselves this one, fundamental question: Who is God?”

In times past, we were limited to asking questions among the people and resources of our own culture. But thanks to rapidly evolving technology and the ease of travel, we have access to other cultures that are very different from our own. Apparently, the combination of globalization and questions of faith makes for good TV. Which is why Freeman joined with National Geographic to create The Story of God.

According to an article on RNS, Freeman traveled to 20 cities in seven countries to seek answers to some of the biggest questions shared by people all around the world.

Pushing past race, religion and cultural quirks, Freeman’s six-part television series takes a unique approach to answering some very tough questions. As Freeman says, “The constant through it all is that we’re all looking to be part of something bigger than us. If there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that we are” (RNS).

According to “James Younger, who produced the series with Freeman and Lori McCreary, The Story of God isn’t meant to be a theological treatise, but a reflection of Freeman’s ‘personal journey’ and a response to ‘this apparent discord and disconnect between different faith traditions around the world and even within the U.S.’” (taken from: The Story of God shares Morgan Freeman’s questions of faith).

What are your thoughts on how we might be able to use this series to address questions those in our communities are asking?

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