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Take One Minute and Find Out How the Gospel Spread Over the Last 2,000 Years

This map shows the powerful movement of the Gospel over the last 2,000 years, and it’s stunning to watch. Every frame equals one year in the spread of the Great Commission.

It’s amazing to think about all the missionary journeys, church growth and radical discipleship contained in this visual map. The Word of God is going out into the world—to every nation, tribe and people!

Tip: Why not share this with your staff—or on your church’s Facebook page—to start a discussion about the historic growth of the Gospel throughout the world and throughout time? 

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Megan Briggs is a writer and editor for churchleaders.com. Her experience in ministry, an extensive amount of which was garnered overseas, gives her a unique perspective on the global church. She has the longsuffering and altruistic nature of foreign friends and missionaries to humbly thank for this experience. Megan is passionate about seeking and proclaiming the truth. When she’s not writing, Megan likes to explore God’s magnificent creation.