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Crooked Cop Sends an Innocent Man to Jail! 10 Years Later, They Bump Into Each Other Doing Ministry.

Back in 2005, Jameel McGee was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. He was approached in Benton Harbor, Michigan, by officer Andrew Collins, who was on the hunt for one more drug bust that day.

“I falsified the report,” Collins told CBS. “Basically, at the start of that day, I was going to make sure I had another drug arrest.”

Jameel lost everything and was sent to jail for four years. After a string of other corrupt acts, Collins was eventually caught and Jameel was exonerated, but nothing could redeem the time he lost behind bars. Though Collins was now serving his own time, the wrongfully accused victim was dead set on getting vengeance when he got out. He wanted the corrupt cop to pay for what he did.

But in 2015, a crazy miraculous chain of events led Jameel and Collins down a very different path—a path less traveled. They both ended up working at Mosaic, a faith-based employment agency where they now work side-by-side in the very same cafe. It was in those cramped quarters that they had no choice but to face the demons of their past. Collins had no words but a tearful, “I’m sorry,” for the man he falsely accused—and for Jameel, that was all it took.

His heart was flooded with forgiveness and an overwhelming love for the man he once hated. Watch as an unlikely bond begins to fuse a lasting friendship between two men that the world could have never pictured reconciling. Through the power of Christ’s love and forgiveness, these men are forever changed for the better, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

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