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This Mom Just Marched Through Target Waving a Bible, Calling Out God’s Judgment

How should we respond to the world when it promotes practices we disagree with or find sinful? Well, it was a critical question in biblical times and it’s just as important today.

As believers, we’re faced with people, programs, corporations and brands that support an unbiblical worldview everywhere we turn. It shouldn’t surprise us when the world acts like, well, the world, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore it either.

Some Christians believe it’s our duty to proclaim judgment on the world and its sin—confronting the culture with an in-your-face attitude. Other Christians believe strongly that it’s our calling to love the world, speak truth, remain unstained, but leave the judgment to God alone.

This recent viral video of a mom marching her family through Target, Bible waving, is clearly an example of the kind of Christian who calls down judgment. See for yourself.

There are principles in Scripture that encourage us to speak the truth loudly, to be bold and unashamed, but these passages are tempered with an attitude of love and gentleness and kindness. There are times to get angry, for sure. But, to me, those times are not meant to happen in the Target aisle with our kids, yelling at customers, with Bible above our head.

To me, this viral video of a family marching through Target is not wise nor helpful for the advancement of the Gospel.

But I’ll let you be the judge.

What are some positive ways we can affect change when it comes to issues like the transgender bathroom debate? What’s helpful? What’s hurtful in your opinion?

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