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Virginia School District Refuses to Obey Obama’s Transgender Directive


A school board in Virginia unanimously approved an ordinance in response to President Obama’s recent edict allowing transgender individuals to use restrooms and showers corresponding to their gender identity.

The ordinance, passed on May 20, takes effect immediately. It allows people to request a single stall facility, but prevents anyone from using bathrooms that don’t correspond to their gender at birth.

Superintendent of Grayson County schools, Kelly Wilmore, told LifeSiteNews on Monday the ordinance was passed in response to requests from parents.

“I can’t tell you how many calls we had, but we had more calls than we could count,” Wilmore said, adding that the community is overwhelmingly supportive of it.

According to Wilmore, the ordinance isn’t politically-charged. “From my standpoint, I don’t get into politics,” he said. “I don’t get into that nonsense…I work for the kids….My concerns have been safety and privacy from day one.”

Wilmore insists people on “both sides of the fence” support the passing of this ordinance. He believes it protects all students privacy while also protecting his students from anyone who might misuse the policy.

Earlier this month, the Obama administration issued a mandate telling public schools that they must allow students to use facilities, including restrooms, locker rooms and overnight trips, corresponding to their gender identity.

For a student to use facilities different from his or her biological sex, a parent or legal guardian notifies the school administration. No formal identification or other documentation is required. Upon notification, schools must treat the student based on gender identity, “even in circumstances in which other students, parents or community members raise objections or concerns.”

The majority of Americans, especially those with school-age children, don’t support the recent move by the Obama administration. According to a survey by Raussmen Reports, 51 percent of Americans oppose allowing transgender students access to facilities corresponding to their gender identity.

The Obama administration has not responded to Grayson County. Wilmore said he does not anticipate legal action. But if it comes, he says they have a plan. The Alliance Defending Freedom wrote the policy, and according to Wilmore, the group will defend Grayson County schools if it is contested.

This is just one of several instances where governments and local institutions are fighting Obama’s controversial mandate. This week, for example, 11 states filed a lawsuit asking the courts to block the federal government from implementing these new rules.

Any school that does not comply with the mandate risks losing federal funding.

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