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Westboro Protestors Silenced by ‘Angels’ at Orlando Funeral

On Saturday, one of the victims of the Orlando shooting, the largest mass shooting in the U.S. to date, was laid to rest; however, the funeral service was met with protestors from Westboro Baptist Church. Westboro, as you probably already know, is a small cult-like group that often pickets soldiers’ funerals with signs that call out God’s wrath on homosexuals.

This time, the Westboro protestors were met with around 200 counter-protestors who ranged in demographic from “bikers, priests, young people, members of the LGBT community and locals carrying signs saying ‘God is love’ and the motto the City Beautiful adopted in response to the massacre, ‘Orlando strong,’” according to The Washington Post.

The counter-protestors formed a human chain to block the people of Westboro from disturbing the funeral. Some counter-protestors were dressed as angels, donning large white wings and singing “Amazing Grace” very quietly

Watch the video of the counter-protestors singing “Amazing Grace” below.

The crowd of counter-protestors cheered as the angles came on the scene. Apparently, their tactic worked because the Westboro church members left around 11 a.m. to chants of “Orlando strong! Orlando strong!” from the counter-protestors.

This is not the first time the angel costumes have been used to block angry protestors at the funeral of a gay person. In 1999, a similar scene occurred at the funeral of Matthew Shepherd, a gay college student from Laramie, WY.

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