10 Church Leaders to Follow on Social Media

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Social media is a huge part of where we like to connect with our ChurchLeader readers. Tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram help us get to know you better AND help us figure out what kind of content we want to create. All in hopes that we glorify God and offer value to you as you work in your churches and communities to spread the Gospel.

We also follow a ton of church leaders on social media because we want to know what they’re saying about important events, check out new projects or books, and keep our eyes out on ways they’re innovatively sharing the Gospel on and offline.

So here are 10 men and women whose social media presences have caught our eyes.

Matt Brown – Matt Brown is the founder of Thinke, an evangelistic outreach that helps spread the Gospel around the world. He focuses on sharing Scriptural truth, quotes and ideas that help others become disciples, make disciples and send those disciples out into the world. He’ll also do fun things, like live tweet books he’s reading & participate in live Twitter discussions. You can follow Matt on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Russell Moore – In 2013, Dr. Russell Moore became the president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Around that same time, Moore started using social media in earnest. He regularly expresses his opinions on everything from the removal of the Confederate flag to evangelicals and Trump this election cycle, while sprinkling in every day moments with his family and friends. Moore isn’t afraid to voice his opinion but he doesn’t ignore conversation either. You can follow Dr. Moore on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Jen Hatmaker – Jen Hatmaker isn’t shy. She has thoughts and opinions and she is happy to share them with the thousands of people who follow her on social media. Hatmaker writes on everything from parenting to adoption to current events. Each post is colored with her signature style of straightforward honesty and empathy. While the conversations can cause controversy and the comments section is often full of robust conversation, following Jen online is never, ever boring. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Judah Smith – He’s an author of several books, including Jesus Is _____. He preaches at The City church in Seattle, WA. He also happens to be one of the men Justin Bieber considers his pastor. Yet, find Judah online, and his posts focus on what’s happening in his church, sharing photos of his family and talking about upcoming projects. He also shares Scripture that is speaking to him that week, sometimes through hilarious Snapchat videos called “The Bible with Fival”. To stay up-to-date with Judah, follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Christine Caine – It seems you can’t go anywhere lately without seeing Christine Caine. She’s released a new book, she’s founded a new project called “Propel Women” and she’s traveling the U.S. on speaking tour. Online, you’ll find her sharing some of her own personal stories and struggles from her struggle with cancer to being a survivor of abuse. She also shares passionately about A21, the organization she and her husband founded to help fight human and sex trafficking around the world. For inspiration, honesty and activism follow Christine on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Carlos Whittaker – Carlos Whittaker is passionate about a few things. Namely his family, his faith and being able to share what Jesus is doing with him in churches around the world. He also hasn’t been shy about sharing his new(ish) found love for fitness and helping people live a full and healthy life. His social media presence is littered with pictures of his kids, parenting advice, stories of how he’s messed up and is learning to grow in life. He’s inspirational without being syrupy—and that’s a real feat. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Bob Goff – Having seen Bob speak at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, I can say that he is without a doubt one of the most expressive men I’ve ever laid eyes on. What is delightful about how expressive and energetic Bob is, is that it translates into his social media channels. He shares photos and videos with the same exuberant abandon as he does on stage. All the while, he challenges the church to love others in a big way. If you need a smile, follow Bob on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Beth Moore – Beth Moore needs no introduction. As a world-renown Bible teacher to women and speaker around the world, Moore’s books and studies have reached millions. However, her online presence still has the ability to make you feel like she’s crafted whatever tweet or post she’s shared just for you. And she isn’t afraid to celebrate the good and share in the sorrow of what’s happening around her. For continual inspiration, find Beth on Twitter and Facebook.

Ed Stetzer – It was announced in May that Dr. Ed Stetzer was appointed as the Executive Director for the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College. Before that, Stetzer was best known for his research and work at LifeWay. Online, Stetzer is a powerful voice in the church—one who has no qualms about challenging the status quo with his articles and posts. Like Moore, he doesn’t state opinions then run. He actively engages in conversation with followers and commenters on a regular basis. To stay up-to-date on what he’s doing at Wheaton, as well as what he’s sharing about his life and family’s transition to Chicago, follow him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Sarah Bessey – A self-proclaimed unqualified theologian and recovering know-it-all, Sarah Bessey comes across as anything but when you encounter her online. With a unique writing style that translates well from her books to her posts, Bessey encourages the church to help women find their place at the leadership table in the church. She also shares about her family, love of Canada and writes recaps of Doctor Who episodes. For a delightful mix of theology and slice of life stories, find Sarah on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

This list is not comprehensive and we know there are so many leaders that are worth following and paying attention to on social media. In fact, we’d love to hear who YOU follow on social media! Let us know in the comments.

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Carrie Kintz is a freelance writer and communication strategist. She works with ministries and individuals across the country, helping them figure out what to say and how to say it in the digital space. Carrie has also spoken at conferences such as the Best of Social Media Summit and That Church Conference. When she's not writing (or tweeting), she enjoys hiking, time with friends and a good cup of coffee