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Prison Hosts Baptism for 39 Inmates


In Durham, North Carolina, prison inmates are getting a new lease on life. This Sunday, 30 men and nine women were baptized in a parking lot of the jail.

According to Durham’s The News & Reporter, the whole thing was prompted by inmate Reginald Minor. Minor is a Christian and believes “Jesus is the way.”

About 30 churches in the Durham area work in this prison, and on Sunday members from seven churches showed up to help in the baptism service. Sheriff Mike Andrews spoke to each inmate and handled him or her a Bible study guide after they came out of the water.

Andrews commented on the service by saying, “The people that are here today, they’re here because they want to be here and they’re here because they want to make a difference….If these individuals who have made this leap of faith want to take this step, I think it’s only befitting that we have ministers from the community that want to assist us for these individuals.”

The baptisms are due in part to the efforts of Vinny Abbruscato, with the organization Trinity Outreach, Inc. Abbruscato has been conducting ministry three nights a week for an hour in the prison since March. He says 10 to 25 inmates usually show up.

Before returning to his cell, Minor commented on the baptism by saying, “I know deep down inside it’s bringing me closer and closer to beliefs, my religion. I just look forward to God to help me, that’s all.”

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