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Anne Graham Lotz: 3 Sins Causing God to Back Away From America

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Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Billy Graham, joined the television show Joni Table Talk to discuss three sins the nation is committing. She told listeners “we have to acknowledge that our nation is in rebellion against God.”

The three “national, legalized, institutionalized sins that we’ve made acceptable in this country” that Lotz lists out are as follows:


She calls abortion in America “the killing of 60 million unborn children.”

The Abandonment of Israel

Lotz brings up recent events where “now the President is demanding Israel give up the Golan Heights as part of a Syrian peace deal.”

LGBT Agenda and Gay Marriage

This is a problem because it “flies in the face of what God has ordained.”

Lotz explains that what we are facing as a nation is “a Romans 1 type of judgment where God is abandoning us because we’ve abandoned him.”

She also refers to a new book she’s written, titled The Daniel Prayer: A Prayer that Moves Heaven and Changes Nations. The book is based on Daniel chapter nine, where Daniel interceded for the nation of Judah while in captivity in Babylon. Lotz points out that “when he [Daniel] took God’s word from Jeremiah and prayed it back to God, God answered that prayer.”

Speaking of prayer, she highlights the difference between how we pray as American Christians versus how Daniel prayed. “Daniel prayed in desperation. I think sometimes we don’t have the kind of prayer that moves heaven and changes nations because we’re just a little casual, lackadaisical—now I lay me down to sleep—and that’s not the Daniel prayer. The Daniel prayer is almost a heart’s scream. It’s a heart cry of desperation.”

The discussion turned to the question of what to do if you’re not a “prayer warrior,” which Lotz admits she isn’t. She said she has struggled with prayer for years, particularly with “concentration, content, consistency.” However, her victory has been “that I haven’t given up on the fight.” She encourages listeners to persevere, just like Daniel did.

Another point of discussion landed on repentance, which Lotz says is the “key to revival.” She says, “As defiant as we are right now, just across the board—legally, institutionally, organizationally, politically—if we would…plead his mercy and his grace, I believe…we still have an opportunity for him to return to us and bless us. But I believe we’re reaching that point of no return….I think we’re increasingly coming to a point where we know we need him, and God’s people need to stand in the gap for our nation.”

“I don’t believe we’re too far gone,” she says. But she also gives warning to those Christians committed to praying for the nation. She points to the fact that Daniel used plural personal pronouns in his intercessory prayer—“our sins, our shame.” He wasn’t blaming the nation, but taking the sin on his own shoulders as though it were his own. She warns, “I think we have to be careful not to become judgmental and self-righteous.”

With a visible sense of urgency, Lotz says she believes “our world is coming to a climax. I believe we’re soon to see the return of Jesus, and this is a very critical time.”

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