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Donald Trump Pledges to Fight the Sexual Exploitation of Children

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump has signed a pledge that states (among other things) pornography is “deforming the sexual development of younger viewers.”

The pledge was written by the nonprofit organization Enough Is Enough, whose mission it is to “confront online pornography, child pornography, child stalking and sexual predation with innovative initiatives and effective communications.”

The pledge essentially states that if elected president, the signee will uphold the laws aiming to prevent the sexual exploitation of children online, sexual predation and sex trafficking. The signee also pledges to do everything in his or her power to fight pornography by commissioning the research of its harmful effects on society and individuals and to filter child pornography in particular.

In its most specific points, the pledge states the signee will appoint “an Attorney General who will make the prosecution of such laws a top priority in my administration.” Further, the signee pledges to provide “the intelligence community and law enforcement with the resources and tools needed to investigate and prosecute Internet crimes involving the sexual exploitation of children.”

Trump was not the only candidate who was offered the pledge to sign. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton declined to sign the pledge as her campaign policy is “against adding her name to pledges,” according to the Huffington Post. Despite her decision not to sign, though, Clinton has said she supports the goals of the pledge. Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson did not respond to the group’s request, although they are still hopeful he will do so.

As you can imagine, the signing of this pledge has given Trump a lot of press. Several news outlets are pointing to the hypocrisy of the move, considering he once graced the cover of a Play Boy magazine and images of his wife, Melania, are currently circulating which are pornographic in nature.

However, the president and CEO of Enough Is Enough seems very pleased with Trump’s signature. Donna Rice Hughes says, “Making the Internet safer for children and families is a critical step in making America safe again.”

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