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How Should Christians Seek to Follow God’s Law? This Animated Explanation Is Pure Perfection


The creators of the Bible Project pose a question many of us feel when we read through the Old Testament: What is the point of the law or the Torah as it is known in Hebrew? The creators would like us to think of the Torah not as just a list of rules and regulations but as a story.

The prevailing theme of this story is that God is making a new people who will love him and love others. This sounds like a great idea, except as we read through the Old Testament, another theme emerges: Israel was given the law (kind of like a constitution), they rebelled, they were given multiple chances to repent and once again live by the rules of the law. But they could never turn their pattern of rebellion around. Moses concludes the Torah by coming to the conclusion that only a transformed heart would allow Israel to follow the law. Cue the prophets and the rest of the books from the Old Testament, which also speak to this theme of needing a new heart.

When Jesus comes and we move on into the New Testament, the makers of the film explain, Jesus was simply continuing the story where the Old Testament left off. Jesus said he came to fulfill the law. Furthermore, he boiled all the law and the teaching of the prophets down this way: Love God and others.

Now that we have Jesus, we can fulfill the law because he can give us a new heart to love God and love others. Check out the video for a deeper understanding of the law that will help you understand God’s word and his intention better.

After all, Paul tells us “the one who loves fulfills the law” (Romans 13:8).

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