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The Writer of ‘Ever Be’ Describes Her Creative Process and God’s Voice

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Source: Screen grab from YouTube: @Bethel Music

If you’ve heard the lyrics from Bethel Music’s hit song “Ever Be,” you know how powerful they are. The song’s music video has over 3 million views on YouTube, making it clear that this song resonates with a lot of people.

The song speaks to the fact that God is so worthy of worship that we could sing his praises from now until eternity. It speaks of God’s unwavering faithfulness in the past and in the future.

Bethel Music is known for its spontaneous worship sessions that sometimes last for hours on end. It is during these times that the artists sometimes receive inspiration for new lyrics and melodies. The writer of “Every Be,” Kalley Heiligenthal, recounts the experience of coming up with the chorus and the bridge for the song during one such session. Kalley speaks about how the words just “fell out of [her] mouth.” Afterward, though, the Lord spoke to her about the song and that is when the real journey began.

It took Kalley a lot longer than one two-hour worship session to pin down the exact lyrics for the rest of the song. Over the course of a year, Kalley filled an entire notebook trying to find just the right words to explain why God’s praises will ever be on her lips.

She describes her song as “an anthem for the bride,” and we agree with that sentiment. It’s a beautiful portrayal of the creative process and the faithfulness of God.

Watch the video below to hear Kalley describe the process in her own words. And then listen to the finished work at the bottom of this page. You won’t be disappointed!