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The Chronicles of Narnia Is Coming Back to the Silver Screen

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Exciting news for Chronicles of Narnia fans was announced today: We can expect a new film based on the books to be made by TriStar Pictures, The Mark Gordon Company, The C.S. Lewis Company and Entertainment One. David Magee, who wrote Life of Pi and Finding Narnia, will write the script for The Silver Chair.

As with the other Chronicles of Narnia movies, C.S. Lewis’ stepson, Douglas Gresham, will be involved in the production process. Speaking of the new film, Gresham says, “It’s been both fun and exciting to work with Mark Gordon and David Magee to develop the next Narnian movie, and now it’s a thrill to welcome Tristar to our Narnia family. I greatly look forward to plunging again into the joys and challenges of once more bringing Narnia to the screen, this time with the wonderful story of The Silver Chair.”

So far this is the only information we know: that a movie is in the works and that the above-mentioned people and film-making companies will be involved. We do not yet have a timeframe or know which actors will be conscripted.

It’s been a while since a film based on The Chronicles of Narnia books has graced the box office. (It’s started to feel a little bit like “always winter but never Christmas.”) The last one was Voyage of the Dawn Treader, which came out in 2010. In this movie, viewers were introduced to Eustace, the twerpish cousin of the Pevensie children who had a come-to-Aslan experience every believer in Christ can relate to. Eustace’s character will be back in this movie along with some new friends. Namely, Eustace’s school chum Jill Pole and Prince Caspian’s son, Prince Rilian.

The Silver Chair is by no means the most widely read book in the beloved literary series, but I think we can all agree any plot originally crafted by C.S. Lewis is bound to be blockbuster material.

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