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What We’ve Learned From the Global Leadership Summit—Day 1

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If you’re familiar with the Global Leadership Summit, organized by Willow Creek, you know to expect some very good insights on leadership from both people of faith and leaders in the corporate world. As Bill Hybels mentioned in the opening session this year (#GLS16), the highest value at the summit is humility. Armed with enough humility, pastors can learn from business leaders and vice versa. We’ve certainly learned a lot this first day at the summit. Below are some of the best insights our team has picked up from this first day.

“Everybody wins when a leader gets better.” – Bill Hybels

“The stakes of leadership are sky high. Our troubled world is calling for a better brand of leadership.” – Bill Hybels

“It is cruel and unusual punishment to employ a person and not tell them how they’re doing.” – Bill Hybels

“Leadership matters. The older I get, the more I realize: It matters disproportionately. It matters so much it scares me. And we need to get better.” – Bill Hybels

“An organization will only ever be as healthy as the top leader wants it to be.” – Bill Hybels

“Christians are to be the best employees any company has.” – Gary Schwammlein

“The policy is not to talk about any one religion, and as weird as this sounds, I kind of like that. Stop talking about it. Live it out.” – Lt. Col. Mark Schmidt (USAF)

“If you really are going to go out into the developing world and listen to people, you need to let your heart break.” – Melinda Gates

“When people hear your vision, they should know the size and scale of your God.” – Jossy Chacko

“To Jesus, faithfulness is not just keeping what you’ve been given. Faithfulness is multiplying what you have been given.” – Jossy Chacko

“Don’t allow the earthly practicalities rob you of the heavenly possibilities.” – Jossy Chacko

“Sixty percent of job performance is related to emotional intelligence.” – Travis Bradberry

“Three silver bullets to increase your emotional intelligence: Get your stress under control, clean up your sleep hygiene and get your caffeine intake under control.” – Travis Bradberry

“In the pursuit of building institution or building wealth, I will not deter from righteousness.” – Ibuku Awosika

“Ideal team players are humble, hungry and smart.” – Patrick Lencioni

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