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What the Church Gets Wrong When We Talk to Unbelievers About Sex

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John Mark Comer believes a chasm exists between how culture defines sex and how the Bible or how Jesus defines sex.

Culture defines sex as: “recreational play between two consenting adults.” It’s purely physical play for grown ups.

The problem we encounter is that instead of trying to show people the truth about sex, the church just comes trying to impose rules on something the culture only understands as a physical thing.

What we should be explaining, instead, is how the Bible describes sex as more than a physical thing. In Genesis chapter 2, the word echad is used, which means fused together at the deepest level. The bonding of two people into one entity—body and soul; physical and spiritual.

Inside of marriage, sex is beautiful because it takes two people and it doesn’t let them drift apart. It keeps them one.

Outside of marriage, however, this is dehumanizing. It’s a constant tearing away at your soul, so to speak. When you break up, it tears apart echad.

Comer concludes, “I think we need a higher view of sex.” We need to let culture in on the “mysterious, beautiful, powerful reality of what happens when a man and woman make love.”

This video is great for any age—but may prove particularly helpful to those in your youth groups.

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