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Atheist Teacher Turns to Christ After Pastor Asks God to Give Her a Miracle


“I’m so excited to show the world that I am a Christian.” These are the words of Kim Menon, a kindergarten teacher from Seattle and a former atheist.

Menon had “more than her fair share of life struggles,” according to the Christian Post. Between her father committing suicide when she was nine, her mother’s ongoing illnesses, and her own depression and thoughts of suicide, Menon felt little reason to believe in a good God. But, after a years-long relationship with the pastor of The Landing Church Seattle and encounters with several missionaries, Menon has changed her mind about God and about those struggles. “I now can look back at all those trials and realize that I wasn’t alone—that God was there with me.”

In the video below, Menon tells the story of several experiences, which she now sees as God speaking to her over the course of time, converging into her accepting Christ as she was driving home from the grocery store with her two daughters.

Menon says she “can physically feel God’s love.”

Menon’s conversion is a unique story every leader should learn from. Pastor Andy Brown of The Landing Church Seattle offered to help out at Menon’s school after enrolling his son in kindergarten there. Not only did Brown help the school free of charge (and brought missionary friends to help as well), he promised not to “impose his religion” while working there.

Menon said she worked with over 100 missionaries who have volunteered at her school and was struck by the sincerity and love the missionaries lived out. The experience caused her reconsider her views on Christianity. Menon explains, “I just thought believers were unintelligent. I thought they were just blind to what was real. But I just met so many diverse people with different experiences and different levels of education.”

A turning point came when Menon’s mother was miraculously healed of a heart attack. The healing came after Brown prayed for Menon’s mother and told her God was going to heal her.

With all the concern over what feels like the freedom to express our faith being taken away, Menon’s testimony should remind us of this truth Jesus told us: “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Often we balk at not being able to express our Christians views or lament our not being allowed to hold prayer meetings in public schools, but what could we accomplish if we were to follow the example of Pastor Brown and his missionary friends? Can we translate our talk into action instead, and if so, what might happen?

Perhaps this would be living out what 1 John instructs to do: “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.” (3:18)

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