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“Actual Muslims” Are Fighting ISIS With Billboards in the U.S.

ISIS billboard

If you drive through Chicago or Phoenix, you might see a simple black billboard that reads “Hey ISIS, You suck!!! From: #ActualMuslims.”

“Our neighbors don’t realize that Muslims are absolutely opposed to ISIS. ISIS actually kills more Muslims than anybody else,” says Imam Malik Mujahid of Chicago. Mujahid is the “force behind the blunt billboards,” according to the CBS News video below.

Although Mujahid is leading the charge in this billboard campaign, he credits a group of young Muslims with the exact wording seen on the billboards. As the video explains, “attacks in Europe and the U.S. moved his community to be more active in opposition to radicals.”

“ISIS and Islamaphobia are the two sides to the same coin, which is hurting Islam as well as humanity. They are increasing the fear, hate and anger in America, which is dividing a beautiful nation,” Mujahid explains.

Mujahid makes a compelling point toward the end of the interview: “KKK was defeated by good Christians. ISIS needs to be defeated by good Muslims.”

Mujahid is no stranger to the fight to establish peaceful interfaith relations and promote human rights. Among his many social causes, Mujahid has served as the chairman of the Parliament of the World’s Religions and holds a chair on Burma Task Force USA, which seeks to raise awareness of the genocide and persecution going on in that nation. He is also the founder of Sound Vision, a nonprofit organization that promotes causes such as Muslims against domestic violence.

According to Mujahid, the billboards are so popular local Muslim groups from 15 other cities have asked for billboards of their own.

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