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6 Bible Study Features Pastors Will Enjoy Most in Logos 7

Logos Bible software has been a part of my life since college Bible and Greek classes. It was a huge help in those courses and has often enhanced my writing and teaching in the years since. Today’s students of the Bible have a wealth of available resources, and Logos Bible Software is right at the top. I recently explored the new features built into the latest version, Logos 7.

Here are the six features I think are most appealing to someone who is called to feed God’s sheep week by week.

1. Sermon Editor

Preparing sermons with Logos just got easier. Preachers can now build sermons and lessons right in Logos 7. A new feature allows users to generate Powerpoint slides and handouts right from their study resources. It’s easy to turn a Scripture, quotation, or sermon points into slides for Sunday morning. This feature could save pastors a lot of time, especially during those weeks when your time seems pulled in a thousand directions.

2. Customized Bible Study

If you’re like me, you have a few Bible resources you turn to first and trust the most. One of the features I love about Logos is setting up and linking these resources, creating a customized study page. Linking your favorite commentaries and study notes can save time, exactly what good Bible study tool should do.

One of my favorite tools in Logos 7 is the ability to read the Bible text alone. You can now turn on the “Bible text only” visual filter and read your study passage and its surrounding context without all of the artificial breaks. When you remove verses, chapters, notes, and markings, you are left with the pure text as the original audiences would have read it. I can’t explain how much I’ve gained from reading the letters of Paul or the Gospels in one sitting with nothing artificial breaking up the flow of thought. Try this next time you begin to study a new passage.

3. Visual Interactive Media

For the last several years, Logos has been adding more and more visual study features. In Logos 7, there are lots of insights you can gain by seeing information visually. Some of my favorites are the Miracles of the Bible, Narrative Character Maps, and The Psalms/Proverbs Explorers. These tools provide quick insights and can help teachers see connections they wouldn’t otherwise. For example, you can quickly find Psalms of lament written by David or the miracles of Christ broken up by location, patient, or element involved.


4. Word Studies

Word studies are one of the most foundational tools in any Bible student’s toolbox. Only as we unpack the range of meaning of root Hebrew and Greek words can we understand how the original authors were using these words in their original context. Logos 7 provides semantic insights at a glance. What used to take students hours of time with dictionaries and concordances in a seminary library is now generated with a click in Logos 7. Next time you preach on a challenging word, have confidence that you’ve studied in thoroughly and know exactly want it means in context.


5. The World of the Bible

One of the shared goals of every excellent Bible teacher is showing learners the actual cultural and literary context of the Bible’s stories and teachings. Logos 7 includes an excellent tool that illustrates the world of the Bible in fresh ways. Enhancing your teaching, this will help your people understand more about a different time and place in history. Your people may never be able actually to see the places where Jesus walked, but this tool can help you take them there through your teaching.

6. Continuing Education

Logos has been working hard to add quality continuing education courses to their Bible software packages. Whether you’ve had the time to pursue formal education or not, these courses are great ways to keep yourself sharp. World-class faculty (Darrell Bock, David DeSilva, Douglas Moo and others) teach courses like Preaching the Psalms, Law and Gospel, Gospel and Acts. You’ll feel like you are in a seminary classroom, learning from the very best. This video shows what the courses are like.

All of these features scratch the surface of what the new version of Logos can do. It can be a pricey proposition, but the study helps and time savings alone make it a worthy consideration for those longing to know God’s word and make it known.

Learn more about Logos 7 here.

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