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Tony Evans: When We Groan, the Holy Ghost Groans With Us

tony evans

Tony Evans has a message for those struggling with hardship you can’t seem to shake: “Your struggle is not against the physical world.”

Evans argues that struggle emanates from the spiritual realm. So spending all our time and energy trying to fight against circumstances is futile. The answer is prayer.

“Your problem is in heavenly places. Prayer takes you there.”

The problem comes when we spend all of our time “talking to and about our circumstances.” We like to talk to people who can sympathize with us. “But what you need is answers—not sympathy.”

Further, specific, concentrated prayer will do more good than vague prayers.

Sometimes, Evans says, we don’t earnestly talk to God when we need him. He reminds us of Romans 8:26: “When you’re groaning, the Holy Ghost groans with you.”

He will lift you up the way no one else can. And that is why we need to pray. Always.

If you are going through a hardship, here’s another resource that may help.

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