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Jordan Rogers: Our Struggle With Sin Is Like Being Addicted to Drugs

Jordan Rogers was first exposed to heroine at the age of 15. His story of coming out of an unwavering addiction highlights the struggle against sin every believer knows all too well.

“If I were to personify addiction, he would be charming, charismatic, leader…promising better things.”

Rogers describes the lure of heroine as a promise to take away the feeling of a “black hole in my soul.” Isn’t this what any sin pattern promises to do—take away a feeling of emptiness and replace it with something better?

A time in prison gave Rogers the wake-up call he needed to desire to change. He recalls a moment when he realized, “I absolutely deserve to be here, but I don’t belong here.” This is when Rogers recognized his inability to fight the addiction on his own. He would need God’s help.

Looking back, Rogers thanks God for 13 months of incarceration. When he left prison is when his struggle escalated to the point of breaking.

“Most people say, ‘Drugs are your problem, stop them.’ But for a dope fiend like myself, drugs are a solution. You take away those drugs, and now we got problems.”

The video describes the next two years of Rogers’ journey as “the most difficult leg of his road toward recovery.” Rogers identifies a man who reached out to him and showed him the love of Christ as being a major player in God’s plan to turn his life around.

Despite what felt like a monumental struggle, Rogers is now able to say, “That’s where God’s doing his biggest work, is in the mess.”

Even if you’ve never struggled with an addiction, Rogers’ testimony gives us some key reminders in our struggle against sin: We need a power greater than ourselves to overcome patterns that will ultimately lead to destruction.

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