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Phil Robertson Surprises Audience With His Bold Summary of the Gospel

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Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame spoke at Gateway Church in Texas recently. In his message, he included a summary of the gospel that is as succinct as it is profound.

Robertson starts off by addressing a sentiment a lot of people feel: If you knew what I’ve done, you’d realize I can’t be forgiven. To this Robertson says, “The Apostle Paul, who wrote most of the New Testament, was a murderer—murdered Christians. God picked him. Jesus struck him down personally to write most of the New Testament. And you’re saying he can’t heal you and solve your sin problem?”

In his quintessential drawl, Robertson explains that the only hope we have to be free of our sin and to escape death is the redemptive work Jesus did on the cross. Nothing else can save us. Robertson has personal experience with this truth. “Fame can’t remove my sin,” he says. More importantly, “All the money that I’ll ever earn—it can’t raise me from the dead!” And what is the point of removing our sin unless he also raises us from the dead, Robertson asks.

In what sounds like a paraphrase of a handful of passages from the book of Romans, Robertson says,”You’re not under a law of works, you’re under the law of faith now. Grace is a wonderful thing. Finally there is provision for our violations of law. The provision: The blood of God himself.”

Although the words may sound simple, isn’t this the beauty of the gospel? It is a simple concept to grasp, yet the more we understand it as it pertains personally, then in community, and finally universally, the more we understand how complex and complete God’s provision for us is. You can study the gospel for years and still be in awe at the brilliance of it.

Thank you, Phil Robertson, for reminding us of these truths.

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